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   2017 - 10321 Silica Sand Rd. - Garrettsville, Ohio 44231


Preliminary stage descriptions:

The following stage (or “course of fire”) overviews are planned but are subject to deletion, substitution, or change without notice.  Final stage descriptions and stage briefs will be presented the day of the event.

Stages are sponsored in part by Costa Ludus. Costa Ludus conducts training for the game of life, where the knowledge and skills learned in training may one day translate over to the streets or battlefield, determining life or death. We train others with the understanding that life is bigger than us. We understand the sacrifices that others make on a daily basis for our freedoms – that is why we take training so seriously. https://costaludus.com/

Stage 1 – Main Stage  Sponsored by Molon Labe Crossfit gym

Class: Crusader.

4 athletes compete simultaneously side-by-side through 200 yards of obstacles designed to provide both aerobic and anaerobic action and stress prior to shooting.  A common fixed firing line with staged rifles and shooting barricades will challenge shooting capabilities from different positions with required multiple hits on steel approximately at 100 yards. Obstacles and actions may include include tire flipping, kettle bell tossing, lifting/carrying weight, balancing on logs, speed ladder, shooting from various positions on a common firing line. Competitors will cycle through this gauntlet multiple times until they finish.

About Molon Labe Crossfit (MLCF):

Simply put, MLCF betters people’s lives.  MLCF focuses on functional fitness, helping their clients become stronger, leaner and happier.  They are not your typical gym or workout facility as they are a dedicated and experienced team that works together, ensuring everyone is taking steps toward better health – and they have one of the most sought-after CrossFit programmers in the country ensuring both variety and safety in every workout. How do they help clients get results? It’s a mix of camaraderie, commitment and passion that helps our clients’ get healthier, lose weight, gain self-confidence, train for a marathon, run an obstacle course race, or compete in 2Gun Action Challenge. The name Molon Labe (pronounced Mo‘lon La’ve) comes from a defiant statement made by King Leonidas of Sparta, Greece in the face of the Persian army. Achieving better health or a fitness goal takes commitment. King Leonidas reminds us never to give up in the face of great discouragement or negativity. We should rise up and boldly make our statement! Challenge the opposition and make a positive change in your life.

Stage 2 – Three Ring Short Circuit - Sponsored by Black Boar Armory and Coatings

Class: ALL

Separated steel targets, plate racks, and the Texas Star are shot from 3 separate shooting positions with fixed kinetic obstacles and challenges.  Magazine load/changes from each position is mandatory.  Crusader class will start this stage by first pulling a ~150# sled approximately 250 yards away and then crossing the creek before staging an unloaded flagged rifle, then after clearing the stage steel with pistol, shooter will climb the berm, load rifle in order to search out and engage a fixed number of long distance head targets. Crusader class will finish by returning sled to start position.

Stage 3 – Stage designed and constructed by Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC

Class: Pistol Carbine Anything

TBA – We expect this stage to be very technical and challenging. Scott Bebe and the DSS staff host one of the very best practical shooting programs in NE Ohio. It is a privilege to have DSS support our event with a stage design/build.

About Dynamic Shooting Sports: DSS was formed in early 2017 to continue the operation of the outdoor shooting range located on Alliance Road in Deerfield, Ohio.  The Mission of DSS is to continue to support and grow the practical shooting sports in Northeast Ohio and to provide a safe facility for firearms and defensive training.  Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC offers a wide range of competitive shooting matches each month: USPSA, 3 Gun Nation, a weekly static steel match and more.  DSS has 4 outdoor shooting bays varying in size that are used for matches, training for season pass holders, and are available for rent by instructors for their classes.  Please make sure to checkout their Calendar and stay connected with DSS on their Facebook page. https://www.dynamicshootingsports.us/

Stage 4 - TBA

Stage 5 - TBA

Stage 6 – Movers and Shakers

Class: Pistol Carbine Anything

You'll have to do some fancy leg work to address these targets.

Stage 7  The Rodger Reactive Target System – Sponsored by ETF Training Group


Description: TBA.

Common timed drill(s) will be selected and scored by ETF Training Group operators and shot simultaneously by 3 competitors in side-by-side bays.  

About the Rogers Reactive Target System:

Bill Rogers developed a training program and a high speed moving target system. The program replicates the minimal amount of time a shooter will have to successfully neutralize an adversary. Using this system, the Rogers Shooting School specializes in teaching students to successfully engage and hit small reactive targets that are moving and only exposed for a fraction of a second. We call this type of shooting skill, Reactive Shooting. Unlike conventional target and training systems, the shooter must react to the target’s exposure, and successfully shoot it down in the time the target is available. Like in a real life battle, sometimes the targets require multiple hits before going down. This training reinforces the critical skill of “following through”.

Stage 8 – Drill Baby, Drill


Practice up on your rifle pistol drills. This stage will require shooters to complete a sample of range drills from various positions in a set amount of time. Crusaders will have physical challenges incorporated into the shooting sequences.

Stage 9 – Keep Drilling

Class: Pistol Carbine Anything


Stage 11 – Escape from Warsaw (Pact) – Sponsored by Jane Smith

Class: Crusader Only

About 1400 yards of hard moving action crossing sand, water, climbing up rocks, and running trails. You will only carry and utilize your pistol on this stage, as you move through the virtual Warsaw Pact you will find rifles with ammo to combine with your pistol for taking out those pesky targets along the way.  Safe rifle operation (and manual of arms) supported by knowledgeable ROs before, during, and after use.

Jane Smith is a pseudonym for a private individuals' Facebook account.  Jane Smith is supporting this event in part by providing the ammunition to be used on this stage.


Stage 11 – TBA  Better run (through the Jungle)


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