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Precision Rifle Events11/21

We are pleased to announce the first series of its kind for Ohio and surrounding areas. The Buckeye Precision Rifle Club Series (BPRC) will consist of 8 regular season matches hosted at (2) different locations culminating in a season finale. The series will also have (2) different Match Directors. Ryan Brandt, owner of Big Dog Steel, will be directing the PRS Club series and National (2) days PRS matches for Thunder Valley Precision and Matt Stiner will be directing the matches being held at Southington Hunt Club. These 2 experienced match directors joined forces to create a one of a kind series for our area. Each match director and location brings its own particular style and challenge. This series of club matches will be part of the Precision Rifle Series as well, more about the PRS from their website:

“As the national leading body for the long range precision rifle discipline in the United States, the PRS is a member service organization that promotes the growth of the sport the by creating opportunities for shooters and match directors of all backgrounds to participate and advance in the sport through clubs, events and education.

The membership is comprised of shooters from juniors to sponsored professionals, as well as match directors and volunteers. Members can get involved through numerous affiliated clubs across the nation. The Precision Rifle Series Club Series is also responsible for selecting and affording the opportunity for shooters to compete in a regional club and national level PRS finale. The PRS Club Series strives to serve the sport through its core objectives: build the base, promote the sport, achieve competitive success.”

About the locations:

Southington Hunt Club is one of Ohio’s Premier Training Centers located in Northeast Ohio. We are able to accommodate

10+ stages of PRS style stages with an array of dynamic shooting positions with targets out to 775 yards.

TVP boasts a beautiful facility with plenty of organic obstacles, rolling hills and valleys, combined with tricky winds. TVP is a great test of new and seasoned shooters alike. The facility also host the only (2) sanctioned PRS National level matches of the year for the Ohio Area. Thunder valley precision is owned and operated by Tom Sarver who’s experience spans over 20+ years as a long range precision shooter and hunter.

We believe the club series will be a great way for you to check out the facilities and dip your toes into the precision rifle pool before diving head first into a national (2) day PRS event.

Title Sponsor:

This year we are also pleased to announce that Area 419 will be the club series title sponsor. Area 419 is a NW Ohio based company specializing in innovative products for the shooting industry. They are most well-known for the Hellfire Brake system and their quality reloading gear. The owner Jon Addis is a passionate precision rifle shooter, gun smith, and mechanical engineer who has dedicated his passion to growing the sport and enhancing the shooting experience with his innovative and quality products.

To register for the series simply go to Area419.com and click the BPRC Registration link under products.

Link to register with BPRC

After you register you will be recorded into our system as a 2018 BPRC Club series official member. We will keep track of your scores and post match results and season standings in a timely manner after the conclusion of every match. We will also be sending you as part of your registration a truly one of a kind t-shirt available only to our members.

Match Schedule

February 24th @ Thunder Valley Precision

March 10th & 11th @ Southington Hunt Club

April 14th @ Thunder Valley Precision

May 4th (Friday of PRS 2-Day) @ Thunder Valley Precision

June 9th @ Southington Hunt Club

June 23rd @ Thunder Valley Precision

August 11th & 12th @ Southington Hunt Club

August 31st (Friday of PRS 2-Day) @ Thunder Valley Precision

November 11th @ Southington Hunt Club

November 24th @ Southington Hunt Club

Finale - October 13th @ Thunder Valley Precision

Please use the link to the left to register for the BPRC before registering for the links below for your BPRC T-Shirt and Stat record-keeping throughout the entire BPRC series. Thank you!

Please use the link to the left to register for the Thunder Valley Precision/BPRC events. Thank you!

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