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   2017 - 10321 Silica Sand Rd. - Garrettsville, Ohio 44231


Saturday September 29th 2018, 7AM Registration

10321 Silica Sand Road Garrettsville, OH 44231

Southington Hunt Club and Training Facility (SHC) announces a one day Pistol Caliber Anything and  2Gun Action Challenge Match.  Pistol Caliber Anything stages will run once in the morning and repeat in the afternoon.

Classes and divisions at this match are:

Pistol Carbine Anything (“Bandit” class)

Pistol Carbine Anything (PCC, Class 3 Subgun, or Pistol – choose one and run with it!)

2Gun Action Challenge (“Crusader” class)


Open Rifle and Pistol

Armored - Open Rifle and Pistol


A fast and furious class operating any pistol caliber carbine (PCC); full-auto Subgun (SMG) or Pistol-only.

The winner of this class will receive a match trophy. Five or more stages will run in the morning match and similar stages repeated again in an afternoon match. Shooters can shoot both the morning and afternoon sessions (reduced fee), however a different type of gun must be used to qualify twice for a trophy win. Subgun requires Class 3 paperwork for review at sign-in. There are no divisions in this class: it is scored as Open or Unlimited regardless of the configuration of equipment or optics or firearm used.  Shooters must select only one firearm type (PCC, SMG, or Pistol) to complete with the entire match. Some stages may require that shooters utilize “house firearms and/or ammo”. Unless otherwise stated in a stage description, scoring and stage rules will be in accordance with UML rules


Round count : TBA


This class provides shooters of all levels the ability to leverage practical firearms handling and shooting during a physically dynamic competition.  Please consider that 2Gun Action Challenge is relatively advanced and physically demanding so if you're a beginner make certain your prepared before your first match.

Physical 2-Gun Action shooting sport incorporates running, crawling, lifting/carrying, etc. across various terrain and long distances while shooting rifle and pistol. The two divisions in this class are Open Rifle and Pistol & Armored. Armored division requires wearing rifle plates or a ruck/pack containing no less than 14lbs of weight. Some stages may require that shooters utilize “house firearms and ammo”. Rules and descriptions are derived from Tucson 2-Gun Action Challenge Match and UML.

Round counts: TBA


Scoring for all competitors is calculated as time + penalties – bonus.  The top competitor for  shooters in each class will be determined by adding individual scores from all each stages for a match total and the lowest score will be deemed the trophy winner in each class.  In the unlikely event of a tie within a class a short shoot-off will be conducted at the end at the discretion of the Match Director.  There will only be scoring of each class as a whole – there will be no divisional scoring.  Bonus or handicaps will be accessed on stages and described in the stage brief .  For scoring and rules see “Safety and Rules” link below.

Early registration fee - $65

(Additional $30 to shoot Pistol Carbine Anything twice during the day.)

Event fee includes:  


Class trophy

Meet Chris Costa & compete to win a raffle entry for Costa Ludus training certificate!

Stage by Dynamic Shooting Sports LLC

Stage on the new SHC  Rogers Reactive Target System, operated by ETF Training Group

Bring your own lunch!  If you are from out of town or unable to bring a lunch you can contact us to arrange lunch.

Camping sites (tents and dry RV camping) w/ shower house available on Sep 28th and 29th: $20/night w/electric $25.  Camping can be paid at check-in.  ROs/Staff /Volunteers and Sponsors  - No charge.

Nearby motels/ hotels for out-of-town visitors (15 min. drive):  

Budget Lodge $? (***) - 4100 Ohio 5, Newton Falls, OH 44444 (330) 872-3833

Econo Lodge $60 (*** ½)  – 4248 State Rte 5, Newton Falls, OH 44444 (330) 872-0988

Holiday Inn Express Lordstown $92 (**** ½) - 4185 State Rte 5, Newton Falls, OH 44444

Nearby Airports:

Akron-Canton Airport CAK (55 min.)

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE

Pittsburgh International Airport (1hr 18min.)


SHC Waiver (must be signed) https://www.smartwaiver.com/w/59b1a4526be97/web/

Safety and Rules http://southingtonhuntclub.net/rules.html

Equipment Requirements  http://southingtonhuntclub.net/equipment.html

Stage Descriptions  http://southingtonhuntclub.net/stagessep292018.html

Sponsorship and Contributors http://southingtonhuntclub.net/sponsorship.html

Southington Hunt Club Facebook Page for Silica Sand Storm event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1898769723497962/


2Gun Sponsorship Rules Equipment Stages